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What is Your Goal?


Comfort/Lower Bill

Keep your home cooler in the Tucson heat!  Clear View’s professionally installed tint reflects solar heat before it enters your home or business, adding comfort and reducing your A/C bill (you’ll run your air conditioner less!).


UV Protection

Protect furniture, artwork, antiques and more!  Harmful ultraviolet light (UV) causes fading and cracking of your home or business interior.  Clear View’s quality films reject 99% of UV rays before entering.



Clear View’s home and commercial films are a great means for increasing your interior’s privacy without giving up any view.



Adding Clear View’s designer film can also enhance the look of your home or business.  We offer multiple shade-gradients, colors and reflective features.

Window tinting is most common on cars, but it has several unique advantages that benefit buildings of all kinds. The visual appeal is only one of many reasons to have tinting installed. If you are considering residential or commercial window tint in Tucson, look at this list to learn about how it can transform a space.

Make a Room More Private

The many tints available include several options that can block the view from outside into the windows. This is a great way to make rooms feel more private, especially if your residence or business is located on a busy street. With windows tinted for privacy, you can feel more comfortable leaving the blinds open and allowing natural light in without letting passers-by see into the building.

Stay Cool During the Arizona Summer

Tinted windows reflect heat outside instead of letting it in. This is the perfect solution for rooms that face the sun during peak hours in the afternoon and absorb heat at the hottest time of day. Installing residential window tint in Tucson keeps rooms cooler, which allows you to set the thermostat to a lower temperature and avoid using as much energy as you did before tinting. Professional tinting helps lower your energy bill and reduce your environmental impact.

Protect Yourself from UV Rays

While some sun can be good for you, UV rays also have many negative potential effects on your skin, ranging from sunburn to skin cancer. Avoid the aging and damaging effects of the sun on your skin by installing a tint that can filter out 99% of UV rays. Tinting windows in your home or commercial building will protect the people who spend the most time in that location, such as your family or employees.

Add Curb Appeal

Tinting has practical uses, but it also has the potential to bring a unique look to a building. Choose an option that reflects the personality of your home, or the branding for your business. With all the windows tinted to a matching color, you can achieve a subtle new visual that is most visible from outside. Reflective tints and bold colors can also bring flair in an unexpected way.

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