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Clear View Glass is your source for the highest quality home and business (commercial) windows. New or Replacement. Beautiful, energy efficient products. Quality, professional installation. ROC 319849 (licensed and bonded).

Over the past few years, more traditional designs have made way for sleek contemporary lines in architecture and interior design for both businesses and homes. As a result of this, more buildings are making use of glass screens, large windows, and even entire walls made of glass. Some owners prefer to leave the windows clear to let in maximum light, but many others may choose to tint the glass to reduce light and provide privacy.

Aside from the obvious aesthetics, windows flood a room with natural light and bring a myriad of benefits. However, improperly installed windows can cause issues leading to the need for home glass replacement. At Clear View Glass and Tint, we like to think of ourselves as the best window replacement company you’ll find in Arizona, and we challenge you to put us to the test!

Clear View Glass and Tint
has you covered!

Our quality technicians specialize in glazing and flat glass installations and replacements.

Clear View Glass is designed for energy efficiency, durability, beauty, and minimal maintenance, our windows stand the test of time and are backed by a robust warranty.

Regardless of which window feature is your top priority, your Clear View Glass windows can make a difference in every instance.

Call for a free estimate and learn why we’re your best option for replacement home or business windows!

Residential Glass Tint & Repair

Windows aren’t the only places glass is used in a home. Some architects use glass as dividers between rooms or may commission glass showers. Decorative glass is also a fairly common feature in contemporary designs. Wherever glass fits into these plans, our team is fully equipped to provide the talent and skills you need to beautify your home further.

Some additional benefits of using more glass in the home include the following:

• Easier to keep an eye on the kids or family pets outside
• Opening up smaller spaces to make them appear larger
• Adding more natural light into the home, which can help increase its future resale value

Commercial Glass Tint & Repair

Long before modern designs crept into architecture, businesses were using glass in both their exterior and interior designs. Clear glass helps to display goods inside retail stores to tempt buyers. Meanwhile, tinted walls allow employees working in an office with a view to enjoy the scenery without losing privacy. Some companies also use tints on their glass to showcase company logos, slogans as well as opening hours and deals.

Here are some additional benefits of using glass in commercial buildings:

• Glass partitions in the office help to keep the space open, which is especially important for small spaces.
• Glass decor is timeless, so when a remodel is due, the glass elements will likely stand the test of time.

Energy Efficiency

Poor performing windows are an energy drain and can account for a significant percentage of a home’s heat loss in winter and heat gain in the summer.
Clear View Glass window replacement can save you money on your energy bills.

Compared to ordinary glass, Clear View Glass glass can provide:

  • 70% more energy efficient in summer
  • 47% more energy efficient in winter

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Glass is an essential part of automobiles and an attractive part of our homes. However, improper installation can cost and even hurt you in the long run. We provide a high-quality professional installation that is licensed and bonded. Why should you settle for less? Give us a call at (520) 393-3930 to schedule a free consultation today.

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