TIP: Repair a Rock Chip as Quickly As Possible

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TIP: Repair a Rock Chip as Quickly As Possible

Yes, most of us know a chip can quickly turn into an unfixable crack. But did you know that, given time, dirt and debris will accumulate in the chip, causing discoloration (even washer fluid can do this)? The more quickly you fix the chip, the clearer and stronger the repair.

The longer you wait, the more noticeable the chip will be, even after repaired. This is because the resin (which is used to fill and seal the chip) will also seal in the dirt and microscopic debris.

It may be a pain, but when you hear that loud “crack,” best to get the chip repaired right away.

Clear View offers free chip repairs in our shop and can also come to you (for a minimal charge)..

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